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With Lisa André

Do you have burning questions about Love, your Destiny, or your Future? What does life have in store for you? World renowned Psychic Clairvoyant Lisa André offers Life Path Readings, Soul Alchemy Readings, Relationship Readings and Past Life Readings. Explore your possibilities! Readings available on Zoom, or in person.

Experience a deeper system of healing that addresses the Body, Mind, Spirit, and Soul. This holistic approach in energy healing taps into both the tangible and invisible offering the most intense and powerful healing experiences. Release and heal energetic distortions, blockages, wounds, traumas, and pain that hide deep within the unconscious. Explore Chakra Balancing, Breathwork, Kundalini, Soul Healing, Karmic Clearing, Reiki, and Shamanic practices. Sessions available on Zoom or in person.

Mind Body Medicine understands that to heal is to evolve, and to evolve is to heal. That true healing is not just a lack of symptoms but a process that touches the core of who we are and the world we live in. By embarking on a transpersonal healing journey where the mind and body are integrated, with Past Life Regression, Hypnosis, Counselling and Tantra, we expand into a deeply, satisfying and liberating connection with our complete authentic selves. Sessions available on Zoom or in person.

“Lisa’s natural and amazing insights have introduced me to the depths of my soul which in turn has bought me so much empowerment and peace. Words cannot express my eternal gratitude to her for supporting, holding space, and guiding me back home to myself.”


Soul Medicine

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You are a Goddess

The Sacred Feminine is on the rise. She emanates love without distinction, her presence personified by the spiritual, transcendental mystical aspect of her divine essence.

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The Power of Breath

Breathing is one of the most fundamental things we do, and in an average life span, we directly engage with it over a billion times. It has been with you from the first breath…

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