The Power of Breath

Breathing is one of the most fundamental things we do, and in an average life span, we directly engage with it over a billion times. It has been with you from the first breath you took as a baby and will remain with you till your last breath.


Womb Awakening Rituals

Womb & Hara Awakening is a spiritual tradition dating back to pre-historic times, followed by initiates of many lineages of Womb Shamans and Womb Priestesses. This primordial wisdom includes Mary Magdalene’s lost teachings of the Divine Womb


You are a Goddess

The Sacred Feminine is on the rise. She emanates love without distinction, her presence personified by the spiritual, transcendental mystical aspect of her divine essence. Her power is emerging in the world – igniting her inner flame for the benefit of ALL.

“I have reflected many times on the effects and outcomes the session had for me. You are a truly inspiring and uplifting human being who gives from within. I felt that, and it is truly a beautiful thing. From the depths of my soul, I thank you”.