An image of spiritual reader Lisa André, embraced by sunlight, signifying her wisdom and compassion in her practise.


Kundalini enveloped me with all its force, engulfing me, overpowering me, arousing me, inspiring me, frightening me, exciting me, consuming me, overwhelming me, and leaving me with so many questions and yet with no questions at all.

It began with a burning sensation in my lower back which increased in intensity whilst rising like two serpents that were on fire – intertwining as they slowly slithered up my spine sinuously. As they prowled up my body, I felt the fires move through me as the serpent energy passed through with its intensity resting in each chakra.

This was both extremely painful and pleasurable. When they reached the top of my head there was a flash of a lightning bolt and noise, brilliant and deafening. I felt myself jolt up out of my crown and was suddenly out of my body and looking down at myself from above. At this moment I was surprised to witness myself from outside of myself and realised I occupied two spaces at once – I didn’t know how that was possible.

The next thing I experienced was an incredible burst of expansion in the form of the most dazzling, brilliant white Light. This Light was brighter than any Light I had ever seen, expanding exponentially, and stretching the fabric of the space around me. I looked down at my body and realized that I too was made of this Light made up of billions of light-filled particles. These particles danced and vibrated as they magnetically responded to the ever-glowing illumination travelling at lights speed.

This Light was brighter than any Light I had ever seen, expanding exponentially, and stretching the fabric of the space around me.

As I looked around, I was surrounded and observed by many beings and fellow Souls, who in reality have been standing near me my whole life!  Every single one of these beings was someone I knew very well but did not recognize as having been a part of my life during this incarnation. Yet, the closeness and familiarity I felt for these beloved Souls surpassed any devotion for anyone I have ever learned to Love here on this planet.

Next, a bright pulsing inner light within me began to expand and contract, and suddenly stretched outward toward a distance I can only think to call infinity. Like an exploding star, I realized that my consciousness was traveling in multiple directions, realities, and dimensions all at once. I saw that I was connected and ONE with everything. I saw how I had lived my life and that I wasn’t who I thought I was but more. I felt myself being expanded beyond physical reality and interconnected with everything that exists. In fact, I was everything that exists. I was shown many things that would be difficult to describe with words.

This is where my love affair with Kundalini began and from that moment back in 2010 to this present day it has been a continuous unfolding. Perhaps one day I will write in more depth about what happened to me for the days and weeks that followed, but for now I wish to protect and keep sacred some part of this experience. This experience has filled me with a deeper understanding of ALL that is and ALL that I AM. It has truly changed my life forever. 

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