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Womb & Hara Awakening rituals are a spiritual tradition dating back to pre-historic times, followed by initiates of many lineages of Womb Shamans and Womb Priestesses. This primordial wisdom includes Mary Magdalene’s lost teachings of the Divine Womb, an oracular, gnostic left-hand path of Christ that was passed down to the Cathar Priestesses of the Holy Spirit, encoded in an apocryphal gospel of the feminine mysteries known as the Book of Love. The shamanic womb mysteries were also practiced by the Yoginis and Devadasis of India, the pre-patriarchal Khandros and Dakinis of Tibet, the Egyptian Priestesses of Isis, the Celtic Swan priestesses of Avalon and by many indigenous cultures across the world. These teachings are re-emerging at this crucial time to give us a new vision for humanity, so we can live in harmony with the earth, and embrace the sacred feminine in union with the sacred masculine, and connect back to the Womb of Creation, who births all in Love.

The awesome power of the Cosmic Womb and Earth Womb is held in in the Mystical Rose in the centre of your own Womb. By taking a shamanic journey of Womb Awakening, we embody our oracular feminine consciousness, and open the magic doorway to reclaim our primordial creative power.”

Extract from the Book of Womb Awakening: Initiatory Wisdom from the Creatrix of All Life by Azra Bertrand, M.D. & Seren Bertrand.

Your Womb energy is the centre of your feminine power and where you experience your pleasure, joy, creativity, intuition, aliveness, passion, and connection. Healing and activating your Womb energy can help you lead a more empowered life reconnecting women & men to a specific vibration of feminine energy. 

All women can tap into this energy whether they have had children, whether they are fertile or post-menopausal, and even if they have had their wombs partially or wholly removed. It’s the same for men with awakening their Hara (energetic Womb).


You keep attracting the same kind of unhealthy relationships.

You don’t enjoy sex and intimacy and are disconnected from your pleasure. 

You feel disconnected to your feminine and your body.

You are unable to birth projects in an aligned way or manifest your dreams.

You suffer with low self-worth.

You struggle to cultivate close relationships.

Womb Awakening rituals can help dissolve unhealthy relationship attachments, awaken pleasure pathways, connect you with your Feminine Lineage, and support emotional healing, trauma, and losses such as miscarriage, stillbirth, and abortions.

The following rituals will restore, rejuvenate, and clear your Womb space, connecting you to the source of your wisdom, feminine power, and your beauty, radiating your gifts out into the world with ease and flow.


This practice can be used as an energetic purification ritual to release:

  • emotions such as grief and fears connected to this life, past lives and your linage. 
  • release the cords and energies of past lovers and relationships. 
  • release energy and emotions, beliefs etc that no longer serve you.

It can be used the same way we may smudge ourselves for energetic cleansing. Our Shakti begins to awaken as we release stuck emotions and energy, in turn the creative pulse of life awakens and flows stronger and brighter in our Womb Space.

Herbs to use:

  • Mugwort herb – Womb cleanser and awakener 
  • Raspberry leaf – nurturing and protective 
  • Sage – cleansing and protective
  • (optional) Rose petals/dried Rose herb – Womb totem of love and healing 

Add 1 cup of herbs (mixture of your 3) into a large stainless-steel bowl with boiling water. Place towel over the bowl to keep warm.

Light candles and incense and set an intention for the ritual, invoke the goddess, or pray. 

Undress completely or just from the waist down and wrap a large blanket or towel around your waist creating a ‘sweat-lodge’ effect with no drafts. Squat or stand over bowl and steam for no longer than 15 mins.

*Practice 1: 


1) Lie on your back with feet flat on the floor and knees bent.

2) Bring your focus to PC muscles.

3) On a slow rhythmic inhale, squeeze PC muscles together and suck the breath into the womb. Feel and see the breath as light coming into the womb. 

4) Treat the breath with preciousness. Imagine light flowing into the womb. 

5) Hold the breath in the womb, while squeezing the PC muscles and with your hands make slow circles, clockwise and counterclockwise. 

6) As you make circles, feel the light of breath bathing and suffusing the whole womb. 

7) On the exhale, relax the PC muscles, pushing the breath through the PC.

8) As you release the breath, feel the subtlety of the light flowing out of the womb cleansing your womb with golden light. 

9) And again inhale, pulling in the PC, holding the breath in the womb, making circles with your hands. 

10) Repeat for 10 mins. 

**Practice 2: 


Place your hands over your womb and take a few deep breaths to centre your attention there. Drop down from your mind, and rest for a moment and then inhale and on the exhale, start sounding whatever sound(s) feel right for you for 5-10 minutes. 


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