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| 90 MINS | $200 | WITH ESSENCE | $230

Soul Connection Healing is a divinely channelled healing and ascension modality that aims to support our divine reconnection to the Higher Dimensions of Light. It works on a multidimensional level enhancing our spiritual awakening & physical enlightenment process working with our physical, auric, etheric & spiritual bodies.

Soul Connection Healing assists in clearing, realigning and purifying the body on all levels healing emotional wounding (past and present) while opening the heart to bring more light into your body. It removes karmic patterns on a cellular level and clears genetic weakness from DNA.

Lisa connects with your guides & the Ascended & Cosmic Masters to bring you a deeper understanding of your life purpose, connection with spirit, healing past lives & ancestral links. Soul Connection Healing brings through information about your spiritual history, your unique abilities, your life lessons & your Mission in this life – with Love. 

The healing tools utilised in a Soul Connection Healing include:

  • Advanced healing layouts & gridding
  • The elements (ether, earth, water, air, fire)
  • Cosmic and inter-dimensional frequencies
  • Utilising colour, sound & sacred symbols for healing
  • DNA activation – activating our 64 DNA light codes
  • Crystal essences for DNA activation & attunement
  • Advanced healing techniques from Lemuria & Atlantis
A serene woman leans against a tree in a peaceful forest clearing, eyes closed. Surrounded by lush greenery, sunlight filters through the trees, creating a tranquil ambiance. Her face exudes a sense of inner peace and harmony as she engages in a meditative practice, fostering a deep soul connection and inviting healing energies from nature.
Image of womans knee and hand who is seated cross-legged on a yoga mat, immersed in a peaceful space dedicated to Chakra Balancing healing practice. The image emanates tranquility and has a focused and calming ambiance.


| 75 MINS | $160 |

Are you feeling disconnected from yourself & others? Are you facing physical & emotional instability? Do you struggle to love yourself? Do you suffer from a lack of confidence?

The human body contains seven major psychic centres, five situated along the spine & two found within the head. These centres are called chakras or padmas. The chakras balance, store & regulate the flow of energy throughout our physical, emotional, mental, & spiritual bodies. 

Our chakras contain clues to everything that affect us & influence our body, nervous systems, hormones, thoughts, & behaviours. In fact, they perfectly mirror all that we have ever experienced in this lifetime, including experiences from past lives or even experiences inherited from our ancestors. When imbalanced, it can result in dis-ease and disharmony.  

Chakra balancing realigns & activates the chakras, releasing emotional and physical blockages that are preventing you from moving forward in life. This system of healing works on a very deep level decoding energetic distortions & alchemically purifying and revitalising the essence of your soul. This will enable old paradigms of limitation & restriction to be released so that you can begin to manifest more of your unlimited potential.  

In this deeply relaxing one-on-one session, you’ll begin to shift the stagnant energy from your chakras making you feel energised and revitalised with an increased feeling of wellbeing and happiness. Every session is unique & guided by Spirit working to release blocked emotional energy, old patterns & negative feelings, bringing your chakras & your life back into alignment. This session includes a combination of essential oils, crystal dowsing, sound healing, focussing techniques & visualisations.

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Neurobiology Breathwork™️

| 120 MINS | $250 |

Use the power of your own breath to willingly endorse your journey towards healing & spiritual enlightenment. 

Neurobiology Breathwork™️ is a trauma-informed therapeutic approach that harnesses the power of deep, connected breathing, sound, movement, and conscious emotional expression to facilitate emotional and spiritual healing. This transformative process activates the body’s innate healing mechanisms, allowing it to release deeply ingrained patterns from the past that no longer serve us. It clears both physical and emotional tensions, rebalances energetic imbalances, and addresses various life challenges we may be grappling with. Furthermore, it serves as a valuable tool for self-exploration, self-mastery, and profound spiritual transformation.

As you embark on this breathwork journey, it brings to light the experiences in need of healing, shifting them from the unconscious into conscious awareness. You remain in the energy of the breathing process for as long as necessary to facilitate the healing. This can manifest as a single significant energy release or multiple smaller ones, or it may lead you into a state of blissful stillness or align your body with the flow of energy. Neurobiology Breathwork™️ offers a safe and natural path to transformation, often described as a means to attaining greater soul consciousness and forging a deeper connection with oneself.

  • Release entrenched patterns from the past that no longer support you.
  • Heal physical & emotional tensions, energetic distortions & other life issues with which you struggle. 
  • Identify & work through stuck patterns in your life & relationships.
  • Develop a deep, satisfying & liberating connection with yourself. 
  • Awaken to deeper soul consciousness & powerful spiritual transformation.
  • Access mystical states of expanded consciousness. 

 ** No experience with breathwork or meditation is necessary.

Black & white image of a woman with dark features with closed eyes and her face turned towards the sky. She wears loose, flowing clothing. The image captures the essence of Shamanic Breathwork, as the woman engages in deep breathing practices to connect with nature and explore inner realms of consciousness.
A woman lies peacefully on the floor surrounded by a circle of glowing candles. The soft flickering light illuminates her serene face. Her eyes are slightly open and her body is relaxed, exuding a sense of tranquility. The image symbolises the vibrant energy of a Kundalini awakening, as it courses through her being, awakening dormant spiritual forces within.

| 120 MINS | $250 |

Kundalini is a powerful energy that lies hidden at the base of the spine coiled like a snake also known as the sleeping serpent. This means that most people never feel it & never know it’s there until it becomes aroused or activated. For some people, this energy becomes “awakened” or “aroused” by intense meditation, skaktipat, tantra yoga, embodiment sessions & specific breathing practices. Once successfully aroused kundalini paves the way for spiritual enlightenment, unfoldment or self-mastery. In short, kundalini energy can change you quickly. It can advance your spiritual aspirations offering you a path for deep profound healing.

Kundalini Activation is a powerful transmission of kundalini energy, that activates the kundalini awakening process and supports deeply transformational spiritual experiences.

The experience will take you on a journey into non ordinary states of consciousness whereby you enter a state of blissful stillness aligning you to experience deeper soul consciousness. The activation process is a way to connect with your soul, to release old energy, experiences, & thoughts that are no longer serving you, and to heal the mind, body, and spirit. It’s an ideal modality for anyone who is ready to take their healing deeper and reconnect to their own inner wisdom. 

We’ll begin the session with a brief conversation to discuss what you’re working through & set a few intentions to ground the session in followed by a journey guided by spirit and completed by a soothing shavasana style rest and reset. 

During this time I will be here with you to create a safe space, guide you through the practice, & help you to get the healing you intend to get out of this practice. It is my sincere motivation to be a friend to you, to help you on your path, & to offer compassionate guidance in this work & all that it can provide.


| 180 MINS | $350 |

Everything that has ever happened to us is permanently held in a karmic pattern or memory. These memories stay with us from lifetime to lifetime and stored in our karmic self. Karmic Clearing actually erases the patterns which you have formed around these memories by deconstructing and dissolving repetition of old patterns by releasing, clearing and transmuting them. Karmic clearing can help heal old wounds and past relationships, negative belief patterns, trauma, vows, agreements, contracts, promises, oaths and curses. Basically these are agreements you have made with people or decisions you made on an unconscious level that no longer serve you. Karmic Clearing may also include removal of any negative energies or entity attachments and cord cutting.

Karmic Clearing affects more than the chakras, auric, physical, emotional, mental, etheric and spiritual bodies, connecting and healing on all levels and dimensions of time and space; past, present, future and parallel lives.

This session includes a combination of cord cutting, specific energy procedures, sound therapy, visualisation, channelling, and hypnotherapy.

A woman is lying on the floor, peacefully positioned with her eyes closed. A crystal rests gently on her forehead. The practitioner, seated nearby, holds a Tibetan singing bowl in one hand and a mallet in the other. The image symbolises tranquility and promotes a sense of deep relaxation and energetic balance.
A woman is lying on the floor, peacefully positioned with her eyes closed. A crystal rests gently on her forehead. The practitioner, seated nearby, holds a Tibetan singing bowl in one hand and a mallet in the other. The image symbolises tranquility and promotes a sense of deep relaxation and energetic balance.
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A person is seated on the ground holding a wooden stick with smoke emanating from it and a small bowl. The person is engaged in ancestral lineage healing, a psychic spiritual practice. The smoke symbolizes purification and connection with ancestors, while the bowl represents an offering or receptacle for intentions. The individual is focused and immersed in their healing journey, seeking harmony and restoration through the power of ancestral connections.

| 120 MINS | $250 |

For those wishing to heal personal issues, destructive patterns, addictions, emotional complaints, or unhealthy patterns which you feel are connected to ancestral trauma or within your family bloodlines. 

Our ancestor’s DNA run through our physical, mental, emotional & spiritual bodies. Their energetic patterns influence our lives unless we break the cycle of unhealthy patterns of pain & abuse holding us back in this lifetime. We all have a responsibility to our ancestors – we are liable for their actions if their resulting karma has not yet been resolved. Ancestral Lineage Healing focuses on how historical traumas or karmas reverberate through our ancestry entangling us with the familial patterns of those who came before us.

This powerful healing modality allows us to heal our entire lineage past, present, and future, offering the opportunity to work through the unfinished business of our ancestors & encouraging huge shifts and positive transformation in our own lives. Ancestral healing can help us heal intergenerational negative patterns into blessings by coming into relationship with the spirits of those who have passed to safely heal personal, family, and cultural dynamics.

Each session includes an initial consultation to understand your needs and how to best support your journey as well as the main ancestral issues or traumas which you want to work on. The session will then proceed with an opening ceremony, an ancestor releasing ritual, shamanic journeys to meet with your ancestors, your spiritual family & your spiritual roots & ancient Toltec techniques to help you contact your ancestral guides – to reclaim the positive spirit of the family, cultivating forgiveness & freeing you from ancestral burdens.

The session is completed by moving into a reintegration where you can reflect upon any issues, feelings, insights which may have arisen for you within the session. The reintegration process can continue to unfold after the session, and results may be experienced and observed either immediately or over the coming weeks.

Light Language Activation Healing

| 60 MINS | $160 |

Enjoy a multi-dimensional healing experience with Light Language, a healing language from the higher realms for radical transformation, healing & expansion in any area of your life! 

The language of light is the language of your soul. It is the language of light and love. Through the divine alchemy of light language, you can receive sacred energy healing activation & frequency alignments. 

Light Language has no fixed alphabet. Most often, it is not translated as a word-for-word transmission – it is a deeply layered alchemical transmission of information. Whether the message is translatable or not is not important. Our soul, cells & DNA understand the transformational healing gift that Light Language brings into our body, mind & spirit.

Using sound & light frequencies trans-dimensionally light language brings through powerful vibrations & codes that support us to process shifts in consciousness, release deeply held blockages & bring us in touch with our truth. It is here to awaken and activate. It is here to assist in the ascension process to raise the consciousness of humanity. 

The Language of Light is our original language – it is the language of our DNA. It is a vibrational expression that speaks directly to your genetic codes, activating & recoding your personal vibrational signature as your Higher Self activates the Light Language. 

Lisa channels multiple Light codes through Earth transmissions that “speak more to your physical & emotional healing, Angelic transmissions directed towards soul healing to awaken & activate & Galactic transmissions working directly with star seeds – Starseeds are souls from other worlds who have incarnated on Earth at this time to inspire & heal humanity & to participate in the planet’s evolution.

A woman with a serene expression looks directly at the camera, her eyes filled with gentle intensity. Her hands cradle a shimmering crystal, its intricate facets reflecting the surrounding light. The image captures a powerful moment of connection and transformation, as the woman facilitates a light language activation healing session, embracing the ethereal realm to restore balance and promote inner harmony.
A woman with a serene expression looks directly at the camera, her eyes filled with gentle intensity. Her hands cradle a shimmering crystal, its intricate facets reflecting the surrounding light. The image captures a powerful moment of connection and transformation, as the woman facilitates a light language activation healing session, embracing the ethereal realm to restore balance and promote inner harmony.

| 120 MIN | $250 |

Tantric Chakra Energy healing sessions drop us more deeply into the experience of who we really are. These sessions take us into a deeper space of spiritual awareness and connection generating a feeling of reverence through our bodies, as we release blockages and reconnect with our source energy, or Shakti. This creates an active merging – physically, emotionally and spiritually. When we reconnect with our source energy through the sacred practice of tantra, we create a force so powerful it moves us from a place of disconnection to being in a full relationship with life—a living connection with what is. 

Sessions are available for women or couples. Each session includes an initial consultation to understand your needs and how to best support your journey, and may include meditation, various tantric rituals to help focus and open up Shakti energy, moving/shaking the body to release stuck emotions and to loosen the whole body, neurological reprogramming, voice dialogue, connection rituals, energetic based bodywork and breathwork to evoke and release emotions. 

**Please note: There will be no nudity and intrusiveness during the session. All the practices will be energetic in nature and will be done fully clothed. Benefits of tantric Chakra Energy Healing Include:

  • Identify and work through stuck patterns in your life and relationships.
  • Develop a deep, satisfying and liberating connection with yourself.
  • Healing sexual and emotional wounding.
  • Balance inner masculine and feminine energies.
  • Increase sensuality, intimacy and self love
  • Expand your capacity to experience more pleasure and connect with your innate orgasmic potential.
  • Connect to your deepest self, sexual essence and life force.
  • Awaken to deeper soul consciousness and powerful transformation.
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| 75 MINS | $160 |

The word Reiki is made of two Japanese words – Rei which means “God’s Wisdom or the Higher Power” & Ki which is “life force energy”. So, Reiki is actually spiritually guided life force energy which flows through all living things, which can be activated for the purpose of healing. 

Reiki’s power stems from universal lovingness & faith. The life-force within is an underlying energy force of which the universe is made. A treatment feels like warm relaxing energy that flows through & around you. Reiki treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind, and spirit creating many beneficial effects that include relaxation and feelings of peace, security & well being. 

The Reiki practitioner acts as the bridge or conduit of this universal healing life force energy that is completely safe & natural & has its own intelligence to flow gracefully to the area in your life or physically where it is needed most. This activates the body’s natural ability to heal itself. 

When a person’s vital life force energy or Chi is strong and flowing freely, the body and mind are in a positive state of health. However, if the vital energy becomes weak or blocked, it may lead to symptoms on a physical or emotional level but can also manifest as negative life circumstances like financial troubles, or relationship problems. 

In the busy-ness of our lives, we’re all running around on empty, with just enough energy to get through what we must do every day—depleting us of the energy we need to work on the maintenance, repair and healing of our bodies and our lives.

The process of receiving Reiki is the process of receiving more of the life force energy that we need—allowing positive energy to flow abundantly to balance and align us in a gentle, non-invasive manner. 

A serene and peaceful scene featuring a lady standing in a quiet space surrounded by soft, warm lighting. She is holding a candle in her hands and delicately lighting it. This image depicts a moment of Reiki energy healing, where the gentle flicker of the candle symbolizes the channeling and transmission of positive energy for relaxation, balance, and well-being.
A serene scene depicting a Crystal Light Healing session. A therapist, dressed in a calming attire holds a sound bowl over the body of a client lying peacefully on the floor. Soft, diffused light illuminates the space, creating a soothing ambiance. The client appears relaxed, and is embracing the therapeutic experience. Crystals and healing stones are thoughtfully arranged on the clients body adding to the holistic atmosphere.

| 75 MINS | $160 | WITH ESSENCE | $190 |

Crystal Light Healing uses wisdoms from ancient civilisations that utilised the specific energies of the Earth’s Crystals to assist in healing and transforming vibrational energies to enhance mental, spiritual and physical well being and promote healing. Crystals possess powerful ancient memories and energy which when utilised from a place of love can positively affect imbalances in human energy fields and thus promote health and well-being.

Crystal Light Healing utilises the vibrational frequencies of crystals through light, colour, sound and specific sacred geometrical grid patterns to resonate within the subtle body and chakras to rebalance energies and open the body to multi-dimensional awareness and understanding. The vibration and resonance produced by the crystals according to colour, chemical composition, atomic structure and formation, are utilised to clear, transmute, focus, direct and diffuse energy within the body to aid in rebalancing and healing the body into the highest levels of consciousness through all layers, depths and dimensions; past, present, future and parallel lives. The vibrational flow that ensues creates impulses which can be felt on many levels of our being. Optional Crystal Light Body Activation Healing essence to take home.

"Lisa has guided me and really nurtured me - her knowledge and gifts that she shares with her clients is magical and I can't recommend her enough". 
Katie M