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In co-creation with your higher self and spirit The Healing Heart operates under the law of divine oneness, which highlights the interconnectedness of all things. From shamanism to tarot, energy medicine, psycho-spiritual disciplines, and soul alchemy, to light language transmissions, clairvoyance and channeling, Lisa provides a holistic approach to help you manifest your souls purpose and your gifts. 

During our time together, we will step into the sacred space of your heart and reignite your soul’s wisdom accessing the records, the revelations, and the healing potentials of your sovereignty as an empowered and enlightened being. 

This is an opportunity to dive deep into the areas you feel stuck so that you can expand into the mystery of your own nature and align to your soul’s evolution. We are not just a temple for healing. We are a portal to your Soul. Enter our spaces and embody the deepest parts of yourself. The energy reveals itself. Feel it. We are here to welcome you home.
The Healing Heart Monogram & Isis Logo
An image of spiritual reader Lisa André, embraced by sunlight, signifying her wisdom and compassion in her practise.


We experience all aspects of ourselves as a soul having a human experience. By accessing our deepest wisdom, we come to understand why we have birthed at this time, our purpose, and how to integrate the light of our souls into our physical reality.

We are not always aware of what beliefs we are holding at an unconscious level; however, all behaviour, thoughts and feelings have their origins in a belief or truth. I have always been fascinated by the underlying belief systems that can impact our lives affecting our behaviours thus causing emotional pain or physical dis-ease, fears and phobias or spiritual un-ease. 

Through my own experiences in psycho-spiritual therapies both as a client and practitioner I have seen extraordinary changes in the way people feel, think, and respond to life’s experiences with an opportunity to create the lives they so desire. I have been curious about the workings of the mind as an energy construct and how a person’s thoughts can create their reality; good or bad.

My own journey towards Self led me on a spiritual path of deep healing taking me to the deepest parts of myself whilst becoming witness to my own negative beliefs, triggers, and destructive patterns. I endured a long and at times a very painful journey, but chaos has an intelligence that no human mind could ever understand. Throughout all the trials and tribulations, I was initiated through the rites and rituals of the mystery path while having full trust of been held by something bigger than me. I have always been connected to spirit and have been a seeker of universal truths, gnosis, mysticism, and the greater mystery of life. 

It has been here that I have found my calling to help others awaken to their own inner wisdom and hold the Light for them as it’s been held for me for so long. This is my inspiration for ‘The Healing Heart’ – A place born of love and gratitude in service to humanity.

I believe that our experiences can influence our entire lives and my personal experiences led me to live an inauthentic life that contradicted the very essence of my human existence. It is also along this path that I made a commitment to find new meaning and purpose to life and adopted a holistic approach to understanding myself better and live more authentically. I owe deep gratitude to the many teachers along the way who guided me on my path for their patience and understanding, and for continuing to hold the Light ever so brightly in Love and Truth.

I have dedicated my life to understanding energy and how we can change our energy by changing our stories. My interest in understanding the mind, body, and soul connection has been enhanced by ongoing professional development integrating both eastern and western models in Energy Medicine and Science. My unique style of combining Clinical and Spiritual Hypnotherapy and NLP along with Ego State Therapy, Gestalt and Regression Therapy, Shamanic Journeys, Psychic Insight, and 1:1 Transformational Soul Mentoring, I support people in stepping into the fullness of their power to enrich, inspire and nurture the soul.

I look forward to assisting you on your journey to health, wellness, and connection.

With Gratitude, 

~ Lisa ♡♡♡

The Healing Heart Monogram & Isis Logo
"Hi Lisa, I just wanted to let you know that I did meet that person. He was exactly as you described. His history was the same, and literally everything you said! We are now seeing each other and I am so happy, so thank you for all of your help; I’m astonished at your accuracy!" 
Laura K