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| 60 MIN | $160 |

A Life Path Reading provides intuitive guidance and support on life questions regarding love, career, relationships, spiritual path & personal growth.

Glimpses into the past, present & future are just some of the possibilities to emerge from a Life Path Reading offering much insight & valuable information to the client.

Although this reading is psychic in nature & may include future predictions it’s important to understand that at all times the power of free will and choice remain with you and prediction can and does change. Nothing is set in concrete. You always have choice!

A Life Path Reading follows all paths ahead of you so that you know exactly what direction will lead you to the best possible outcome, thus empowering you to make smarter & more informed decisions about your future.

Image of a woman in a peaceful natural setting, with her eyes closed. She appears to be in a meditative state, with a serene expression on her face. The image is evocative of a psychic reading or spiritual life path consultation.
An image of sage and sound bowl and mallet in hands of psychic clairvoyant. This represents the spiritual and meditative nature of a Soul Connection Psychic Reading, where the bowl may be used to clear energy and create a peaceful atmosphere for the reading.


| 90 MIN | $200 | WITH ESSENCE | $230

A Soul Connection Reading is designed to connect with your “Higher Consciousness” – the essence of who you really are as a spiritual being. Every being is a unique miracle created to be a manifestation of the universe. 

Lisa receives the communication from your soul & delivers it to you. This allows you to gain insight into how you are living your life. Once insight is gained you are guided through a process of transformation that allows you to transmute the thoughts, beliefs & patterns that prevent you from moving forward in your life. 

A Soul Connection Reading is an opportunity to find out about who you are & to activate the miracle of your innate abilities so that you can begin manifesting abundance in your life. In the Soul Connection Reading, Lisa will give you information about your spiritual history and unique abilities, your life lessons and your Mission in this life. This reading includes a 30 min Soul Connection Healing.

  • Discover the blueprint of your soul
  • Access your inner guidance: know what is true
  • Explore your past lives
  • Discover your higher calling
  • Identify and clear karmic patterns
  • Explore your starry origins
  • Calibrate your ascension journey
  • Make a heart connection with your soul
The Healing Heart Monogram & Isis Logo
A couple's hands clasped together, fingers intertwined, symbolizing unity and connection in a Twin Flame Reading.


| 60 MIN | $160 |

Are you looking for more intimacy in your relationship? More connection & one-ness? Explore what is alive in your heart & soften the barriers or blockages to experiencing deeper connection. Bring your relationship to new levels & find yourself closer than ever. When connection seems to fade or fail, you have to figure out why; & that is usually the hardest part. How do you maintain your connection even after many years together?

Perhaps you have already met your beloved & united at some time. You may have started a friendship or dated only to break up suddenly or even lose them in death. You may have pushed & pulled each other in different directions leaving you confused and heartbroken. Enduring relationships need to be worked on so if it is in your destiny to be reunited in this life it will be found in this reading. This reading will provide you with the answers, directions & solutions about your relationship.

If you are yet to meet your beloved a relationship reading illuminates when they are coming in & what you may need to heal in order to attract them & move through any obstacles there may be on your path to love. Often the answers we are looking for are already in our hearts, but if you are looking for extra guidance, a relationship reading can help you understand your current or future relationships more deeply. It provides much insight and valuable information on questions regarding romantic connections while restoring, renewing & healing your heart with an infusion of love.


| 60 MIN | $160 |

By exploring past lives, we can bring profound healing and understanding to our current life situations, behaviours & relationships. 

The Soul never dies. It experiences many lifetimes, much learning and many loves. The Soul has memories of the past and sometimes these memories can be the root cause of what is holding us back in the present. We come into this world for learning & growth & to heal the emotional content we carry with us through lifetimes regarding every thought, word & deed. 

By choosing to look into our past lives, we can discover the events that first set us upon this path & we can heal it so that we can release attachment & repetition of old patterns.

  • Who were you in past lives?
  • Why did you choose this life?
  • Did you have a soul mate and will you be reunited?
  • What lessons did you come in to learn from this lifetime?
  • What karma are you carrying over from previous lifetimes?
  • Were you with any of your current family members or friends?
  • What talents did you have in other lives that you can use now?
Image of a woman with closed eyes looking towards diffused light, symbolizing a past life reading or spiritual experience.
Image of a woman with closed eyes sitting in a peaceful and meditative position, receiving a psychic channeled reading from a spiritual advisor.

| 90 MIN | $330 |

A Channelled Reading involves direct communication from the Galactic Council of Light. The Council of Light is overseen by the planetary Christ, Lord Maitreya, & has select members from the Angelic Realm, the Ascended Masters, and highly evolved beings that are in service to planet Earth. 

Through the channelling process we are able to look at life from an objective point of view. This helps you gain greater clarity and a greater understanding & awareness of the self. It is not about predicting the future; however the Council of Light may choose to look into the future, exploring the lessons and personal changes that will take place over that period of time. 

This reading is about connecting you to your own inner wisdom and guiding you on a personal journey to help you heal the deepest parts of your soul.

  • Transform your reality & align with your Higher Self.
  • Discover your true life purpose.
  • Meet your Spirit Guides.
  • Remember your Soul origins.
  • Connect to your own inner wisdom.
  • Heal karmic soul patterns across time – past, present, and future.
  • Receive deep soul healing with light, sound and specific DNA Light Body Activations.
  • Guided soul journeys to places of wisdom and healing.
  • Interactive Q & A conversations with the Galactic Council of Light.
"Lisa completely understands the complexities of the twin flame journey and can assist anyone to reunite with their twin, as she has helped me.  I am so much more empowered and enlightened by the knowledge I have gained through Lisa’s expertise, love and support and I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to reunite with their twin flame.  Embarking on that journey with Lisa by your side, is so worth it".